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Delirium Elephants


If the name of a band is derived from an experiment involving pumping elephants full of hallucinogens then it should come as no surprise that these guys love to experiment when it comes to making music!
Delirium Elephants were formed in 2012 by Dimitris Zachariou and Stefanos Georgiadis. They combined their different musical backgrounds to create the soundscapes of their first album Songs and Poems which was released by the Dutch label 2419.
In 2015 they teamed up with Christos Katsounotos on Guitar and Byron Athinodorou on Bass. Constantinos Pavlides joined the band in 2017.

Stefanos Georgiadis

Lead Vocals


Christos Katsounotos

Backing Vocals 

Lead guitar

Dimitris Zachariou


Byron Athinodorou


Constantinos Pavlides